Public Speaker & Comedic Storyteller

Gail Lovelace Menasco is located in the heart of central Oregon, in Bend Oregon and is a professional speaker, public speaker, presenter, and storyteller. She is immersed in the world of digital marketing and is interested in how we as humans think and perceive the world. She studies search data in order to understand emerging trends, language, and how we perceive various topics.

Gail uses her stories to connect and relate to people and uses her experiences, many times in a comedic way, to share an idea and invoke thought. She kicked off the TEDxBend event in May 2017 and has written and performed her one-woman show, “Excuse Me, May I Borrow Your Underwear,” and plans on bringing the show to Portland, OR with Shay Knorr for a One Woman Show x 2! Gail has delighted audiences at Ignite Bend 7, Ignite Bend 9, Ignite Bend 11 and has enjoyed being a part of Dan Cohen’s Twisted Sisters Productions storytelling shows in Bend, Oregon.



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