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My Favorite TED Talks

My Favorite TED Talks You Should Check Out

When I was in college, I was talking to a friend one night, and he suggested that I should check out TED talks. This was in 2006, and I immediately became addicted. I would joke that TED was my boyfriend because I went to bed with TED every night… meaning I watched a new TED talk every night before I went to sleep. I thought I’d share my favorite talks with you from over the years. Let me know your favorite TED talk too!

1. David Gallo – Underwater Astonishments

2.Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity?

3. Garrett Lisi – The Theory of Everything

4. Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

5. Rufos Griscom & Alisa Volkman – Parenting Taboos

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