She has a background in digital marketing, specializing in SEO and content marketing and has a B.S. in Business and Marketing from the University of Central Florida. Adventure is always calling her name! Gail was an avid skydiver for 7 years, and also started SCUBA diving at age 16 and she has a passion for creatures of the deep as well as sharks! She also loves podcasts including Experiences You Should Have (a how-to guide for amazing adventures), Freakonomics, and Hidden Brain.

Many nights have consisted of telling stories around the fire after ending a day of skydiving and she can engage an audience through her stories. Gail also works in digital and content marketing by day for Global Strategies / Neo at Ogilvy and studies the searches you type into Google. She works with enterprise companies and gives them data driven insights so they can connect with their audience online. These insights give her a new perspective on how we are searching and using new technology, which was an inspiration for her TEDx Talk in 2017 at TEDx Bend.

Speaking Experience:

  • TEDx Bend 2017: Is the Internet of Things Stealing Our Dreams? – May 2017
  • Two Twisted Sisters: What Was I Thinking – November 2016
  • Two Twisted Sisters: To Tell The Truth – September 2016
  • One Woman Show: Excuse Me, May I Borrow Your Underwear May 2016
  • Stand Up Comedy for Ian Harvie’s Show – March 2015
  • One Woman Show: Fine for Gail – May 2014
  • Solo Speak – May 2014
  • Armchair – March 2014
  • ComedySportz (Portland, OR) – October 2013
  • Ignite Bend 13 – What is Ignite? (2013)
  • Ignite Bend 11 – The Reality of Skydiving (2012)
  • Ignite Bend 9 – How to Swim with Dangerous Sharks & Not Get Eaten (2011)