My Favorite TED Talks

My Favorite TED Talks You Should Check Out

When I was in college, I was talking to a friend one night, and he suggested that I should check out TED talks. This was in 2006, and I immediately became addicted. I would joke that TED was my boyfriend because I went to bed with TED every night… meaning I watched a new TED talk every night before I went to sleep. I thought I’d share my favorite talks with you from over the years. Let me know your favorite TED talk too!

1. David Gallo – Underwater Astonishments

2.Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity?

3. Garrett Lisi – The Theory of Everything

4. Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

5. Rufos Griscom & Alisa Volkman – Parenting Taboos

Going Old School

I love technology. I study the searches you type into Google for a living! Every day we interact with Alexa and Google Home and I love my phone. However, I have to unplug and essentially go old school.

Today, I needed to schedule a hair appointment and my regular guy was booked up, so I walked to the nearest hair salon and wrote down my name and the time I needed on a piece of paper (gasp!)… that’s right, a piece of paper.

Letter Writing

I now carry stationary, letters, envelopes, stamps and addresses with me in my purse and sometimes when I have a free moment, I will sit there and write a letter to someone. My uncle Larry and I were talking a few weeks ago after my cousin died from being hit by a train. That moment made my uncle want to go through old letters and he mentioned to me how no one sends letters anymore and it is a lost art. I told him that my lifelong friend, Katie, has always written me letters. It then hit me… I never write letters. I am terrible at sending thank you’s and many times I will send a text or an e-mail, but now I am being consumed by technology as I work in it for a living and am surrounded by technology all of the time. I realized that it was time to go old school and write letters.

Checking The Time

I bought a watch! A real watch…not a smartwatch. I found myself turning to my phone all throughout the day to check the time because I’m a millennial and millennials don’t wear watches, because we have phones. However, every time that I would check the time on my phone, I would then check my messages, my e-mail, Facebook, you name it and I would lose countless hours over the course of a week or month. So yes, I went old school and bought a watch so I can check the time and it’s one less time I’m checking my phone throughout the day.

What are ways you are going old school?