Freelance SEO Services

Website Audits & SEO Consulting Services

I currently work for Global Strategies (a division of Ogilvy) as well as Beyond Marketing, however, when I can, I offer occasional SEO Consulting Services and SEO Freelance for various clients and companies. I also enjoy using search data in my talks and presentations.

I prefer the type of work where I crawl a site and bubble up technical errors that could be hurting the site in search. Then I do keyword and topical research and map the best keyword and cloud of keywords for the meta data and copy for the top pages and blog posts for a site.

Technical Website Audits

Website SEO audits are really fun to do. I find it enjoyable to go through a site and find out technical problems a site might be having and give true recommendations for improvement. Some of things I check a website audit are:

  • Check indexed pages
  • Compare pages in GA (Google Analytics) and what sites are found in search
  • Check ranking for branded and unbranded terms
  • Check to see if site is mobile friendly in Google’s eyes
  • Check site speed for desktop and mobile
  • On page optimization
  • Missing Meta Data
  • Duplicate pages and content
  • Broken internal and external links
  • URL optimization
  • Clean URL’s
  • Content on the pages – is the content unique and robust?
  • Keyword stuffing or if pages are fighting for keywords
  • Blog optimization
  • Website Accessibility
    • Robots.txt
    • Code that could be blocking the page from showing in Google
  • If the navigation links still work when I turn off Javascript and CSS
  • Ensure XML sitemaps are submitted to Google and Bing
  • Check redirects and make sure they are being used properly
  • Review Mobile Experience (Mobile UX) – Google is going mobile first, this is important
  • Correct tracking of website

Technical site audits and recommendations take time. Starting price is $500 and goes up depending on the size of the site.

SEO Consulting and Recommendations

After doing a comprehensive website audit, I then make tangible recommendations and offer keyword to page mapping that can be implemented on the site. The time for this is variable depending on how big the site is. If my client needs me to implement my recommendations, that does take more time, or I can give a spreadsheet of recommendations to be passed onto the correct website personnel. I am also well versed in video optimization and have given countless SEO YouTube video recommendations to Enterprise companies and is an additional service I offer. I charge $100 per page that I optimize and $100 per video.

Monthly SEO Maintenance & Reporting

I do offer monthly SEO maintenance for a limited number of clients. I offer:

  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Monitoring of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Ongoing Crawl of the site looking for technical errors
  • Monthly Reporting or Quarterly Reporting (measuring channel and site performance)
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Competitor Keyword Tracking (looking for emerging keywords and competitors)
  • Website Health Monitoring
  • Ongoing backlink audits and disavowing toxic links.
  • Actively managing metadata in CMS
  • Content optimization guidelines

Please contact me if you would like a quote for my SEO Consulting Services.


Sometimes I am available for trades and I love trading SEO services for diving trips.